As IMC, we wrote two books called; “Alican’s Robotics Journey” and “Ela’s Robotics Journey”. In “Alican’s Robotics Journey”, our hero Alican is a little boy who has interest in robotics and technology. The theme is that Alican wants to form a robotics club in his school. With the help of his friends and family he forms the team. After the “Alican’s Robotics Journey”, we wanted to put more emphasis on gender equation, hence we retold the story as “Ela’s Robotics Journey”. In this version, Ela wants to form a robotics club; but since she is a girl, people do not let her run for her dreams. Her family wants Ela to be a doctor, not an engineer. All due this pressure, she competes in the league and becomes successful. As IMC we inspired many children. We printed the books, and distributed amongst the refugee camps at the Hatay-Syria border. To make sure that we can reach as many people as we can, we translated our book to English, Spanish and Arabic too. Also since as a team we care about equality without any limits, for people with sight disabilities; we recorded our book into an audible. As IMC, we see people’s problems and focus on solving them everyday, and we will not give up.