Technology today has become a solution to sustainability and health problems. We, as IMC, decided to find solutions to one of the biggest environmental problems, global warming and air pollution, through technology. We started to solve the problem with FRC teams. We've noticed that FRC teams consume a lot of energy during competition seasons, resulting in a high amount of carbon emissions. That's why we launched our carbon footprint project, aimed at raising awareness within the FRC family and reducing carbon emissions. We calculated the carbon footprint of 76 national and global FRC teams worldwide, including the US, Canada, Mexico, Israel. By providing information on carbon emissions, we helped teams with possible solutions aimed at reducing emissions. We also planted a tree for each team involved in our project, creating a FRC Forest on our school campus. Because the love of nature should be given at an early age, we focused on raising awareness of young children by creating an app about growing trees. We put the app we created into contact with 8 nurseries to ensure its active use and the spread of the love of nature.