Technology is now a solution to sustainability problems and public health issues. Since FRC teams consume too much energy and produce a high amount of CO2 emission during seasons, we aimed to create awareness and take the necessary precautions for the FRC family with our Carbon Footprint Project. We calculated 76 national and global FRC teams’ carbon footprint around the world such as USA, Canada, Mexico, Israel etc.; and informed them about their carbon emissions and assisted them with the possible solutions aiming to reduce emissions. Finally, we created an FRC forest on our school campus by planting trees for each team that participated in our project.

Since the love of nature should be given at early ages, we focused on raising little children’s awareness by creating an app on growing up trees. We contacted 8 nurseries to promote taking care of trees while having fun by using our app.

If you want to plant a tree and help the world, you can fill out our survey at the link below