Saliva seen in the Sea of Marmara poses a great threat to the future. The formation of sea saliva is attributed to environmental pollution, agricultural and untreated sewage runoff. In order to prevent environmental pollution, as IMC, we have implemented our Corydoras project, which we have been working on for a long time. Corydoras is a watercraft that can collect garbage in the sea with its software. The vehicle originally started as a plastic prototype with solar panels, called the IMCleaner, with autonomous technologies embedded in the chassis on a metal chassis. While the development stages of our Corydoras project, which was carried out under the mentorship of Mehmet Soyer and Can Yılmaz from the Mechatronics Engineering Department of the Turkish-German University, were rapidly continuing, we were deemed worthy of the first prize in its category in the competition called “Beni Fark Et” with our project.

Our project Corydoras, has drawn attention to water pollution which is considered as a big thread in the world and inspired other teams to work on this topic.