About Us

IMC was established in 2007 by 5 students in Gebze, to work on the engineering fields related to robotics and compete in global competitions. By selling scraps, our former teammates earned some money to participate in a competition and formed a working spot by themselves. In the first year, our club has started its journey with competing in FLL. In 2011, which was a milestone for our team, team members attended FRC for the first time as the 4th team from Turkey. We have been participating in the FRC for 9 years. With new additions each year, IMC has 32 members from more than 10 different cities and different year groups now. Every 11th-grade student is responsible for educating the new members of the team. 4 years ago, our PR department started to work not only for sponsorship but also to spread the FIRST values by creating projects on our nature, gender equality, etc. and complete award applications such as Chairman’s and Entrepreneurship. For last season, we formed a new FTC team, IMC team #14331, as the second FTC team from Turkey and a new VRC team, #46262, as one of the first teams formed. With its present members, IMC more than a team, a family.

Collaboration: Erasmus+