As IMC, our goal is to minimize the differences caused by the inequality of opportunities between our peers. For this reason, we visit schools in regions that do not have the proper conditions, and we tell them about robotics and organize various activities. In this way, we introduce them the FIRST Foundation and FIRST contests. As part of this project, we went to Diyarbakır in February 2018 and visited 7 schools in 3 days and introduced the FIRST Foundation and FIRST principles to nearly 2000 students, more than half of them were girls. We organized entertaining workshops and introduced them to robotics, and we also showed that girls could also be successful as much as men in this game. Within the scope of one of the workshops we organized, we let the children to design their dream robots by using their creativity and build their designs by using LEGO sets. In addition, with the “Longest Tower” event, we wanted students to build their towers in the most efficient way by drawing attention to the requirements of teamwork. Apart from these, we have taught programming the students in a fun way with our “EV3 Programming” workshops. Our team consists of students from 24 different cities. We do not allow distances to make our work more difficult, and we turn them into advantages. We reached a total of 27 different schools in our country, especially in our own cities, and introduced many students to STEM and FIRST. In most of these schools, we established 11 different FLL and FRC teams after our Mzlkd presentations. We are not only limited to our own country, but also in the schools in Armenia, China, and in school that our school work together with Erasmus + projects, we are spreading FIRST values and building teams. In the summer of 2017, we designed a website where students in China could access robotic and programming resources that they could not reach because of internet restrictions in the country. In 2018, one of our teammates received UWC-Armenia acceptance and began to study there. We have also established the first FRC team among UWC schools through IMC. Our school carries out many Erasmus + projects with schools in Germany, Austria and Denmark. We talked to the teachers in these schools about FIRST and then wanted to set up FRC teams in their schools and invited us to their country. Although we could not go to their countries because of financial reasons, we have not lost our contact and continue to help them away from teaming up.