As IMC, we are proud that we became a part of Turkey All-Star team at the China Robotics Challenge (CRC) that was held in China, summer of 2017. As the Turkey All-Star team, which we became a member by the invitation of the Fikret Yüksel Foundation, we met with several Chinese teams and made friends. With the observations we did, we found out that the Chinese teams did not have the ability to reach some crucial information which will help them spread the FIRST, which is a really new trend on Far-East, amongst their country; because of the government's internet restrictions. Hence, we created a website which includes everything that a team needs to know to form a FRC team, from how to code to, how to find sponsors; also this website can be displayed in China, even with their restrictions. Chinese Government also has a proxy for the Youtube, so we uploaded our classes on Youtube to their own video sharing platform, Bili Bili.

You can access our Bili Bili account and website via the links below.