Zero poverty: Eradicating poverty in all its forms remains one of the greatest challenges facing humanity. Since our school TEVITOL gives scholarships in order to provide equal opportunities to students from all around Turkey, as IMC, we are familiar with this challenge, and are working onto it within our community. As an example of our works, we introduce robotics and to children whose schools do not provide many opportunities with our “Hit the Road IMC” project. With this project we have travelled to Turkish cities where the education rates are considered to be lower than the average such as Giresun, Diyarbakır and Sinop. In addition, with the cooperation of TEV, we have reached Syrian girls who are scholarship holders from YUVA Foundation. We gave some informations to them about robotics and we made a presentation to them about FIRST with this presentation we introduced them with FIRST. We encourage students to get involved in robotics without challenging financial obstacles. We teach them how to make contact with sponsors and how to preserve these connections. In this context, we have been sharing online courses about mechanics, electronics, programming and public relations in our Youtube Channel and website. In addition, we share our items and kits with students to make them maintain their interests in the STEM fields even after we are no longer in touch with each student. Zero Hunger: As IMC, we are students of a funded boarding school which does not contain any market. That’s why all the students are only consuming the food provided by our school instead of fast-food or store-bought food. This way, all students, disregarding their financial situations can have the same meals and hunger of 300 people is prevented. Apart from this, we are not allowed to order take-outs, eventually preserving the equality among students. In addition, our menus are prepared by experts for us to maintain health with the right nourishment. Now, as a part of our cooperation with UN SDSN Turkey, we are working on a greenhouse project where we are planning to get our natural fruits and vegetables in order to spread permaculture in our community.. As IMC, we are not only focused on human hunger. At 2018 FRC Off-Season in Turkey, we collected the remaining food at the event and gave them to animals that lived on the streets. Good Health and Well-Being: Our school is hosting nearly 300 people on its campus. In order to prevent diseases from spreading and to conserve health among this community, our priority is to provide hygiene. As IMC, we are aware of the importance of being healthy, and still try to improve ourselves with each seminar our school gives and we organize by contacting experts focused on an area related to public health care. There are sanitiser dispensaries all around our school including our working spaces. Our infirmary works 24/7 for any emergencies. In addition, as IMC, we are aware of the fact that some health problems can be the reason of inequalities created between people. Hence, to neutralize this situation developed a project with Robotel Foundation and printed 3D model hands to raise awareness for children who are suffering from Amniotic Band Syndrome (ABS). Quality Education As IMC, we value education as well as seeing it as the starting point of every person who has and has been serving the community, increasing life standards. Within the scope of our projects, we visit students who have limited access to education of STEM fields and share our knowledge of robotics. In addition; we are aware that education is not limited to academic and technical knowledge, it also includes teamwork, cooperation, academic honesty, gracious professionalism, creativity and it should focus more on problem solving skills. In order to integrate these skills into our project for these students, we have formed a special program. With this program, we apply these skills into activities such as “Constructing a Mars Colony” and “Creating Your Own Robot”. Gender Equality In order to draw attention to gender equality and women, we re-wrote the book “Alican's Robotic Adventure”, which we created to spread the values of FIRST, under the name Ela, a female hero, and translated it into 11 languages for everyone to reach. We have distributed these books in World Women Day’18 in United Worlds College Armenia, an international school with the help of one of our previous teammates Roza. Apart from this, we always keep the number of male and female members equal in our club and determine our team captains as boys and girls. In this way, we value gender equality and prevent sexism, which is a very big problem in our country. Clean Water and Sanitation We use the water treatment system located in our school to provide clean water for releasing into the sea and for ourselves. This way, we do not waste extra water and contribute to sustainable living by design. Therefore we’re avoiding the water pollution as well as we’re protecting the water cycle in our school. Affordable and Clean Energy As IMC, we want to leave a better world for the children of the future than we have. In addition, as one of the requirements of being a team that cares about the environment, we attach importance to using renewable energy sources in our projects. For example, we used solar panels in the robot that we produced to clean the water, IMCleaner. In order to benefit from the large outdoor areas of our campus, we have met with our school and started a collaborative project to install solar panels in proper spaces. Decent Work and Economic Growth As IMC, we are adjusting all our spending during the season to our budget plans. Spending in different areas gives us insight into how we can manage our finances. In this way, we are learning how we should arrange our budget. We are trying to get a product on a tight budget, and we are asking our sponsors for financial support. During all these processes, we work with the financial manager of our school from TEV. Industry Innovation and Infrastructure Technological progress is key to finding lasting solutions to economic and environmental problems, such as creating new jobs and improving energy efficiency. Supporting sustainable industries and investing in scientific research and innovation are important ways of making sustainable development possible. The technologies we use are developing every year. It has never been the same as a bit technologic instruments. We are not only following the developments and using them effectively in our projects and robots, but also signing new technological developments. We lead by example to people who don’t have access to the technology we use and develop. Reduced Inequalities As IMC, we are aware of this situation. In Turkey, there are many children from all cities who are unaware of today’s technological opportunities, because of financial difficulties. In order to put an end to this situation, we developed a project: Hit the Road. Our project divides into two sections: individual and as a team. Each one of 29 IMC members come from different cities of Turkey. During our holidays and other spare times, we go to our previous schools and introduce FIRST and robotics. And as a team, we go to schools in smaller cities in different parts of Turkey and introduce underprivileged children robotics and FIRST with presentations and games encouraging teamwork. We have also done works not only in our country but also around the world. We strive to create a more equal world. In 2017, we participated in the Chinese Off Season CRC competition held in China as a part of Turkish All Star team. At the time of the contest, we found that the video and resources provided by the FRC in support of China were not available due to government restrictions. For this reason, we have established a website “IMChina” that FRC teams in China can use and access, and we have provided resources for them to learn about FRC by uploading videos to Bili Bili, China's most popular video platform. Sustainable Cities and communities Our FLL team is developing projects about sustainable cities. They contact experts in the field about the projects they are developing. After the planning phase, they are working together to implement their projects. When they are informed enough about the projects, they are planning, they do their best to bring them to life. They are learning about sustainable cities. and spreading the information around them to raise awareness about it. Responsible Consumption and Production Achieving economic growth and sustainable development requires that we urgently reduce our ecological footprint by changing the way we produce and consume goods and resources. Agriculture is the biggest user of water worldwide, and irrigation now claims close to 70 percent of all freshwater for human use. We took eco-pens that are harmless in nature and have seeds behind them to the competitions where we noticed that too many ballpoint pens were used to reduce environmental problems caused by recycling and consumption. Climate Action As IMC, we noticed that even FRC teams alone do a lot of carbon emissions, and we did a survey showing how much carbon emissions they do to teams in order to raise awareness. They saw which areas were releasing more carbon, according to the survey. Then, we have made Skype meetings with 76 different FRC teams from different countries such as Canada, USA and China. We also planted 1 tree in our school for each team that filled out the survey and created a FIRST forest Life Below Water In order to protect marine life and Water Resources, IMC has produced a low-cost robot, IMCleaner that cleans the seas easily and is fully solar powered. With the aim of bringing the robot we have produced into mass production, we have contacted the marine clean associations and started a joint work. Life On Land Our country is a country experiencing frequent earthquakes due to its location on a dangerous fault line. These dangerous earthquakes lead to tens of thousands of deaths. One of the most important factors that saves lives during an earthquake is rapid reaction. We have produced a small, very low cost robot that detects vibrations during an earthquake and makes a loud noise for people who are asleep at the time of an earthquake or who are unable to notice it. In order to spread our robot, we contacted our country's earthquake organization and established a partnership. Peace, Justice, and Strong Institution We took part in a teaching training to train Syrian refugee girls who fled the war in their country and took refuge in Turkey, and we gave them coding training. Partnership For the Goals In our team of 14 girls and 15 boys at IMC, we have done projects to make the world a more livable place and we have achieved our goals one by one with team overlap.